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safe (1428891)artist:marielle5breda (122)oc (525017)oc:dark note (7)oc:marielle (6)oc only (364131)oc:purple note (6)oc:weather storm (3)hippogriff (6669)pegasus (187942)pony (697718)unicorn (203146)female (759743)interspecies offspring (5287)magical lesbian spawn (8431)mare (335026)offspring (28746)parent:fleetfoot (47)parent:gilda (574)parent:octavia melody (223)parents:giltavia (8)parent:tempest shadow (1639)parent:vinyl scratch (319)


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Niall's mine...
But my oc’s name is Dark Note…I’m never changing it ‘cause I’ve kept it for like 1 and half year. Lol
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