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A dude can dream (or be delirious), isn't?
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Background Pony #911B
I think them calling the CIA would be funnier, because why would dealing with someone who hacked into a toy company be in the CIA's job description?
I Was Never Here

Yea, some of the combos are a bit tricky, but it's not nearly as bad as some of the games I've tried in the past. It's doable and I'm sure once the game comes out proper there will be plenty of people who will put up tutorials explaining how to do the things properly.
I Was Never Here

Except that wouldn't make any sense since the game is actually fairly far along the development path at this point. As someone who is a backer and has been able to track their progress and not someone who, pardon the implication if it's untrue, seems to be talking out of their butt. The game is making more than enough progress that I'm not concerned about them being slightly behind schedule.

The game's pretty fun, and I'm glad to say that it's not too difficult to pick up compared to some of the other fighting games I've tried in the past, with only limited trial and error required to actually those "Oh, so that's how I do that!" moments. So if you do decide to pick it up even being someone who doesn't have much experience with fighters.

Lord knows I don't. I've tried plenty but I haven't logged many hours into any of them besides the old N64 Smash, Soulcalibur IV, and now this game. That being said, I need to play more. I've been slacking.
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@I Was Never Here
Yeah the game looks super fun. I haven't gotten the chance to play it yet but I like checking up on their work in progress videos and from what I've seen from it, it looks like it'll run really smooth.

I'm not too familiar with fighting games outside of Super Smash Brothers though (and even then I play those casually). But once this game and Dragon Ball FighterZ comes out, I want to give the both of them a try despite not being too familiar with the genre.
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@Background Pony #F5B7


Oh good god, just start a Lauren Faust worship cult already you two! God… Yes she is responsible for rebooting one of the best franchises in Hasbro's history but while her first 1 and half seasons weren't bad, they weren't nearly as good as you seem to think they are. Considering we got one of the best season finales in this shows history JUST AFTER she left, that in itself shows that while she had the show's best intentions at heart, she was unintentionally holding the shows potential for greatness back!

@I Was Never Here
I mean from the sounds of it, it sounds like all they're doing is coming up with excuses as to why they haven't finished.

I get the fact that they're a small developer, but even so it's been close to two years and they had managed to raise a rather substantial amount of money for development costs from what I've heard.
I Was Never Here

Yep! I pulled that straight from my own email folder!

The game is fun by the way, in case anyone who hasn't had a chance to play wanted to know. Even in the early stages everything worked very well with the actual mechanics being easy to pick up with a bit of practice due to the inputs being both responsive and responsive and forgiving and the combos having sensible inputs and with combos and staggers and such being powerful but still quite reasonable to fight back against.

It's shaping up to be a very solid titles with very solid gameplay that can stand on it's own quite well, so when it finally releases in February (or middle of the year if there are any delays) I would definitely recommend checking it out if not picking it up if you don't already own a copy of it though the indiegogo.
I Was Never Here

They're still working on it
posted by Mane6

Dec 1, 2017 • 7:00PM PST

Status update: December '17
Hello! My goodness it’s been a while. Wow look at you! Have you lost/gained weight? No? Well, it suits you! Some people can’t pull that look off but you make it work. Lose the hat though.

First off, we have to apologise for the delay. Again. We’ve apologised a few times now, we know. It’s no easier to apologise this time. We know that delays are not a positive thing for you all to hear but it’s better than the nothing that we’ve been saying for the past month. We need to make sure we continue to fulfil our responsibility to you and feel that we’ve been failing in that.

So, for many reasons, Feb 2018 will be when everyone can buy and play TFH. Why has it taken so long? Mainly resourcing. Which is a PR way of saying: Jay causing bottlenecks by having way less time-on-product than was needed, team members who we thought would be working on certain parts have had to work on other parts while still needing to work on the first parts, something very scary about accountants, the personal lives having hiccups, managing the closed beta. Many things.


Closed beta!

The closed beta is happening! The closed beta has been INCREDIBLY valuable, more so than we predicted. That’s PR speak for boy oh boy did people find lots of things they wanted to change/fix that we also wanted to change/fix. So we got to change/fixing them. If you were part of the closed beta, know that you made the game better.


We’ve had a bit of a dry spell for the past… checks watch month due to the issues listed above. We’re also working on some items that are very “all or nothing” in terms of release (ie: story mode). Never fear though, we will be returning to regular technical and gameplay updates soon. Not Soon™, but just regular old ‘soon’. Very soon as a matter of fact. We’re working on polishing all the existing features in the game to make the play experience as smooth as possible.


We recorded voices for all our characters! With help from our Voice Director, the talented Cristina Vee. This was another new process for all of us and Cristina was very patient with us and made it as easy is it could be given the circumstances. More details soon.

For business as usual we’ve been adding and refining features to the game. It’s going to be a blast to play and we can’t wait for everyone to get the chance. For the backers, stay turned into our worklogs for updates on how production is going.

We’ll talk more soon!

@Mesme Rize
I know right? It was like everybody was creamin' their jeans once they found that it was geenlit. That was like what? 2 years ago and now there's no further mention of production or a release date. I wasn't all that thrilled about the game myself but if you ask me I think they just pulled out without telling anybody.

Pathetic if you ask me. Fans still pester her over twitter about MLP when something happens in the newer seasons. Like come on, she has other she’s animated projects to be working on. All the stories she wanted to tell, ended in the 3rd season.
Mesme Rize

Hypno snekpone
@northern haste
Considering how Sony's been, I honestly can't blame her for quitting that project.

Do you also say "screw this" to your job, whenever something happens you don't like? You can't just quit just because of your morality issues, because businesses don't care about your feelings.

Sounds harsh, but that's just the way it is. If you don't do it, someone else will bring in the profits, while you are without a job.