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Larger version of Tumblr image.

Clothed >>1611666
In underwear >>1611667
Nude >>1611668
suggestive136764 alternate version41224 artist:king-kakapo1154 princess celestia92938 twilight sparkle293626 horse3120 human149877 pony918955 barefoot26513 beautiful5341 belly button73934 blue hair891 blue mane779 book32361 breasts264726 candle4549 casual nudity6384 chair6488 complete nudity3606 curtains1797 eyelashes8082 feet38102 female1318048 godiva hair261 green mane282 horn58553 humanized97871 indoors2517 levitation11593 light skin4748 long hair3924 long mane3196 looking at you159361 magic70664 moderate dark skin726 multicolored hair5020 multicolored mane1409 nail polish7417 nudist1810 nudist twilight sparkle212 nudity355374 open mouth136375 painting3451 pile of books34 pink hair1092 purple hair694 scroll3297 smiling234038 snow13498 snowfall4396 solo1030520 solo female175306 strategically covered2836 telekinesis26593 toes6030 window8087


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