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safe1584130 artist:jargon scott2147 big macintosh26683 fluttershy199465 earth pony205037 pegasus246474 pony854641 adorascotch118 big macintosh's yoke91 butterreina47 butterscotch1751 c:1156 collar29152 cute180713 dialogue59498 dirt619 eyes closed81145 female1181472 floppy ears46469 fluffy12904 fluttermac2675 freckles25323 frown21524 grass8417 heart43501 leaning3193 macabetes473 macareina612 male323387 mare425908 open mouth124923 pls34 rule 6325038 rule63betes625 shipping184239 simple background348152 size difference12345 smaller male441 smiling217606 spread wings48312 stallion94066 straight122089 straw in mouth851 unshorn fetlocks21770 white background86982 wings80821 yoke305


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19 comments posted
Background Pony #DBD4
I thought that he ship ButterEris. Macareina is obviously in love with whoever is the rule 63 of Sugar Belle.

Believe me when I say that I'm doubly honored that you would read and enjoy my story. You do excellent art that never fails to brighten up my days, and this picture was too damn adorable to not write a backstory for! I hope we see more ButterMac from you in the future, not enough people see the potential in this pairing like you do ;)

Thank you, I'm glad you joyed it :) This pic gave me the idea and inspiration to write another one! Continuing off the last story but no lewd. Would it be alright if I use this picture as the cover art (with credit, of course).

Oh my gosh this is so cute! You're such a precious, Jargon :). Your original Macareina and Butterscotch pics were a part in inspiring my Butterscotch x Macareina story, and I love you for this.