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Not leak, from s5
safe1584072 screencap205794 stellar flare1033 sunburst5935 sunspot (character)42 the cutie re-mark3017 colt13295 colt sunburst130 father and son785 female1181433 husband and wife1242 levitation10699 magic66438 male323356 mother and son2616 parent517 sailor jupiter102 sailor venus80 telekinesis24792 younger15542


not provided yet


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11 comments posted
Background Pony #65E4
I'd leave my family too if my son grew a beard as horrendous as Sunburst's.
Background Pony #8260
Not neccesarily,maybe they just needed 'ponies that can look like they are Sunburst parents" and when the writer came up with a script that involve Sunswirl for S8,they just had to rewatch the old episode to find the parents model
Background Pony #B6FC
I'm kinda afraid of uploading screencaps. There's quite a few s08 screencaps are being uploaded and deleted. What if some moderator just delete and ban user who uploaded a screencap from s01-s07, just because they already got that "see screencap, ban the user" reflex?..