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Gamer Sunset commission from Tony Fleecs

not provided yet


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Tony knew a leak happened but didn’t know what was leaked. I told him one of the leaks was Sunset playing a video game with Fluttershy and I showed him a pic of the leaked animatic (http://i.4cdn.org/mlp/1513491201682.png). Halfway into the sketch he asked me what controller she was using and so I played the leaked video to him (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u—rF_woGdM&t=3s 1:00 mark). If there was a problem he would’ve told me but it was all good.
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I'm not famous.
IDW and the people that draw/write for it is/are completely removed from DHX and Hasbro Studios; they weren’t affected by or related to this leak.
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