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explicit337924 artist:fladdykin756 octavia melody23360 earth pony230049 anthro249366 unguligrade anthro46092 areola16468 belly27068 belly button73960 big areola5637 big belly10333 big breasts77625 breasts264844 busty octavia2350 chubby12935 clothes441204 dialogue62824 erect nipples9899 eyeshadow14674 female1318550 full body2141 horny958 huge areola653 huge breasts36438 impossibly large breasts16142 looking at you159487 makeup20142 mature336 nipples158146 nudity355529 open mouth136539 panties48659 pants13617 pants down898 partial nudity19358 plump6986 puffy areolas1876 purple eyes2096 shirt23479 shirt lift2641 smiling234208 solo1030934 solo female175375 speech bubble22061 stupid sexy octavia299 sweat25066 talking to viewer2437 thick4174 this will end in pregnancy1197 titty flop80 topless12067 underwear58770 vaginal secretions38487


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@Background Pony #BE63
k, how about this: what if the M stood for Mature? i'm fully aware that the definition of it on here is A mother (or mother-like) character that is sexually desirable but in some cases, Mature can be an exception, there's no denying that.
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@Background Pony #A9F0
But for all we know, the uploader is not the artist. It is only the artist who can clearly state whether or not she is depicted as a MILF. Given the dialogue, it is implied that she's a MILF, but until we know for sure, we can argue that she isn't one.
Background Pony #3712
@Background Pony #BE63
maybe not but if you look at the tag changes for this image, you'll see the milf tag has been added by the uploader. & yes, the uploader was a BP but that's irrelevant & if a tag is put up by the uploader, then it's only fair to leave it there, regardless of what you think.
Background Pony #2AD1
She's not a milf. There is no mention anywhere about her being a mother so please stop adding the milf and milf breeding tags.

Octavia, you live with a DJ that looks like she just discovered what alternative hair styles hair, there's no way you're that old, take your meds.
Background Pony #4126
>earth ponies marry relatively early compared to the other kinds
>she thinks she's old