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I already did. As I said, sorry if I was arrogant to you. But instead of telling me to "read the link" why not actually explain it because just telling me to read something to get it is not helping. I get that the show does not center around us. So they didn't make them in swim suits to appeal to us and reading back yes I did sound arrogant.
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@Kaden Bayne Vanciel
He is usually right so I trust him. Also I bet they will be 3-4 minutes like normal shorts. Not everything in one but in several shorts.

That would take too much time, and there is like 10 chapters in the book, so we'll need to wait almost two months to see the entire story, it's the most viable theory, several youtube webseries does that and EqG won't be the exception, but 10 minutes divided in 4 parts also works fine, tbh i wanted "A Friendship to Remember" as a EqG finale
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Ok, ok, sorry if I was arrogant to you. But I am just saying, you can't help but notice they change some things around when they noticed a guy audience was buiding up. I am not saying we controlled what they do to the show by watching it, I am saying they started doing some things because they realized that a guy audience is growing and need something to appeal to them and I started to notice that some of the EQG characters are wearing outfits that could be "appealing" to guys around their age and that might be because of the guys in that age group watching. Their is being arrogant and noting a cause of a change. It is not like I was being cocky and boasting about it like we changed it, I just noticed it. Maybe I shouldn't put "for us" but still. What exactly am I harming?