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safe1691274 artist:calicopikachu116 applejack168651 fluttershy211134 pinkie pie214814 rainbow dash232326 rarity180532 twilight sparkle298307 earth pony243142 pegasus285965 pony953019 unicorn317002 accessory swap1689 appledash6002 applepie770 appleshy1211 bathrobe1395 braid5685 braided tail1141 chart875 clothes454123 cloud30356 combinations5 cowboy hat15468 cute197623 cutie mark47090 dress44001 female1349235 flarity1603 flutterdash4511 flutterpie1441 hat85609 hooves17690 horn64469 kissing24420 lesbian95956 lipstick10978 lying on a cloud377 makeover417 makeup21027 mane six31710 mare473510 omniship218 on a cloud1526 pie3267 pinkiedash3364 raridash1897 rarijack7007 rarilight1851 raripie829 shipping198261 shipping chart136 simple background388329 twidash5235 twijack1140 twinkie1778 twishy1279 unicorn twilight16939 wall of tags2971 white background96368 wings104310


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Background Pony #98B0
This is suffering from a missing SunsetSparkle. But then the list would be boring because no other ships can compared to SunsetSparkle.
Background Pony #DB9D
Row 1: yes/sure/no/ OK/ Sure
Row 2: Sure/NEVER/ Sure/OK
Row 3: NEVER/OK/no
Row 4: Yes/Sure
Row 5: Sure
Background Pony #187A
Row 1: Yes / No / Maybe / No / No
Row 2: YES / Maybe / No / OTP<3
Row 3: YES / No / Yes
Row 4: YES / Secret Bed Fun
Row 5: Angry Sex
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

I love that look Dashie is giving Rarity: "I'll get you for this…"

And I wonder if anyone else thinks that the Flutts/AJ and Flutts/Rarity kisses are adorable.
Perfect Pony Plot Provider - Uploader of 10+ images with 350 upvotes or more (Questionable/Explicit)

The different style (coloured lineart) of three pics might suggest that the artist's favourite ships are Twinkie, Flarity and Appledash.

TT: Total number of pairings for a group of n people is (n^2 — n) / 2.
TT: You divide by 2 to cut the grid in half, eliminate duplicate pairs.
TT: Minus n is so you don't pair people up with themselves. That wouldn't make sense.
TT: Well, because…
TT: I don't know.
TT: Maybe you're right. Maybe I was being close-minded about self-pairing. What do I know?