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When you can turn into a literal demon, chances are you're pretty evil, and Sunset Shimmer certainly was in her time. She was quite creative with her meanness as well, as poor Rarity and Applejack have had the misfortune of finding out in the locker room. Girl's stronger than she looks.

Applejack is more than a little miffed to find herself stuck up here in — and by — her underdrawers. Poor Rarity is more concerned about her own stretching out. She's rather fond of these panties.

My that's a lovely mirror.

Granted not long after she had her change of heart, Rarity and Applejack had to repay the favor to Sunset
suggestive143146 artist:tahublade7409 applejack169999 derpy hooves50179 rarity181938 sunset shimmer63058 earth pony249122 pegasus292171 unicorn323838 anthro260417 plantigrade anthro32695 3d76302 abuse7738 ass49171 belly button77962 boots22051 bra15921 breasts277908 bully566 bullying615 butt58995 clothes459992 female1364034 hanging1744 jackabuse271 locker room1274 panties50257 pink underwear4273 polka dot underwear486 raribuse347 red underwear1364 shoes36766 skirt39800 smiling248743 underwear60874 wedgie1508


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