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I know I tend to change Jay’s design a lot, but that’s because I hadn’t really settled on a design that I actually liked. NOW I HAVE!

Introducing Jay’s final design!

Major changes include:

- Desaturated (less eyesore) pink colors!
- Less stripes, more ‘armsock’ and ‘kneesock’ fur patterns.
- Solid heart shapes instead of weird ‘stripe-made’ hearts
- Collar
- More Soarin-style wild hair
- Wings! (He’s half zebra, half pegasus!)
- Zebra-style tail!
- 69% more gay
safe1750417 artist:lil miss jay2524 oc711906 oc only465450 oc:jay149 pegasus309125 zebra18368 anthro269563 belly29539 chibbers31 collar34536 cutie mark49699 facial hair6205 floating wings1241 freckles30117 glasses64581 goatee1609 heart freckles27 heart mark45 male387992 markings1852 nudity382298 reference3946 simple background409100 smiling260908 smirk13018 solo1094333 tail wrap6709 transparent background208811 wings123105 zebra oc3452


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