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Combo of >>915375 and >>1604436. Tried to fix the screwy masking around the right side of the screen but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.
suggestive (106878)artist:shuxer59 (54)artist:underpable (728)edit (89552)twilight sparkle (248486)derpin daily (48)alicorn (149981)alternate hairstyle (19823)clothes (333904)computer (4760)curved horn (4379)derp (5693)dock (35264)donut (1406)featureless crotch (5123)female (698222)floppy ears (39026)food (46877)habit (19)long horn (273)looking back (38890)mare (304775)messy mane (5277)money (1003)mouth hold (12546)nose wrinkle (2562)plot (61501)pony (638176)ponytail (12050)scrunch (127)scrunchy face (6143)sculpture (2835)shut up and take my money (74)silly (6159)silly pony (2563)simple background (273782)socks (46205)solo (838169)solo female (149925)spread wings (38560)striped socks (15789)style emulation (3228):t (3204)traditional art (91090)twibutt (3498)twilight snapple (1565)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (95308)wide eyes (13677)wingboner (7055)wings (45780)

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The Pony Lover
I wish computers worked like that. I would love it. Maybe they should put credit card sliders on monitors so people can buy stuff online. I know sometimes I want to when I see a pony plush.
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