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*It was already midnight,in the darkness,a mare with slivery hair walked into the room with dizzy and drunk Dusk.*

Trixie-It was unbelievable you drank so much heavy wine in one go…..and with you know you can't stick on being sober,you still didn't listen…..*saw a chair and leaned on it right away,tried to keep Dusk on another chair tiredly*Nopony knows where you'd go if without Trixie….*blamed Dusk*

*Dusk was deeply drunk and sleepy,the smell of wine spread in the room.It smelt terrible,they just returned from the party of one of Dusk's friends.Dusk fell down in front of the wine because of his poor capacity for liquor.Trixie seemed a bit finer than him,luckily there's such one,or they couldn't get back.Dusk kept saying something that only he could hear,while Trixie got off the chair to find something to alleviate the hangover.The room was dark but there was still a bit moonlight,Trixie lit her horn to get enough light.*

Dusk-Don't go my assistan—*Tried hard to say some words and endeavored to be awake*

Trixie-Shut up you nerd,she's looking for something to draw you out of the wine.*Sighed*Trixie has never thought she'd meet such a guy………And never thought she'd do something she has no need to do……*Looked around to look for it*

Dusk-Don't go I-*still drunk but a bit more awake,shouted to Trixie with tiredness*

Trixie-Trixie told you to shut up and rest!*said without turning back*You're drunk and tired but she is as well!Could Dusk close his mouth only for some seconds?

*Nopony knew what Dusk said after that,he just kept saying ambiguous words.the electricity had been cut off,he could hardly see anything.But because of the moonlight from outside the window,the colt resting against the desk could see only a bit.*

Trixie-Alright!That's it!*found the medicine finally**turned back to Dusk*Listen up you drunk,keep it for one more minute and both of us can be free.*yawned*

Dusk-*didn't hear and drank something in the cup,seemed like wine.*Wh..what did ya say?Drunk?Who's drunk?NO ONE!Trick I tell you I'm ve…..ry so…..ber!*talked back*

Trixie-Can't believe you even start to lie!Now shut up and drink the water now.*came to him with the water to alleviate the hangover*

Dusk-*hit the desk and shouted*I tell you nopony is drunk!

Trixie-Don't talk or you'll get a choke!*held Dusk with her magic on the chair*

*Dusk kept quiet for a short while and started getting a bit restless,"You lair......I'm not drunk...."said Dusk.While Trixie didn't listen and tired to poured the water in his mouth forcibly*

Dusk-*roared and threw the cup towards the chair suddenly*Don't touch me!Go away!

Trixie-What are you saying?Who else has ever done such things for you except your mot-

*Before she finished talking,Dusk came closer and closed her mouth with his*

Trixie-You—*blushed and got shocked*

*It kept for minutes in the darkness,a little moonlight poured in,on the floor,on the desk,and on them.During the long moment they felt like being smothered.Everything went in silence.*

Dusk-…..See?It proves I am not drunk that I can still….*fell down on the desk again*tell my assistant…….

[Trixie-Damn he's such a baka…..but an attractive baka….(please imagine a tsundere face here on your own.XD)])

Wine is the best ship pusher.Sorry for the dialogue,it's too strange!And it shows that its writer is a stupid guy!BTW I should submit it yesterday but it was late so I didn't.TBH,it is hard to draw kiss.Really,really hard….But I enjoy it.XD In such a situation everyone can imagine their expression without I draw,right?So this is the reason why I didn't draw that.XDDD Today I got the grades,I am happy I made progress than the last test,although in my class I am still on the 4th one…My math grade is the worst one of all the subject,except history,because I didn't review any of the history stuff before the exam.

Hope you like it!
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