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Alicorns are considered the peak of pure beauty, size and desire, and to become one is truly spectacular and considered the greatest thing that could ever happen to a mare. So when Lyra and Bon Bon had somehow managed to be set to become alicorns, they were excited for sure how they'd look for sure when done.

….what they didn't expect, was how BIG and drop-dead sexy the two of them would become when done. Or the grand gigantic poofy gowns the two would now be wearing every day, as the two now enjoy being the desire of many a stallion and even mare….and as both of them have wild lewd fun every night without end as alicorn princesses.~
suggestive129403 artist:blues64947 artist:marauder62721722 bon bon15732 lyra heartstrings28122 sweetie drops15732 alicorn198055 anthro233773 alicornified4634 big breasts69926 bonicorn11 breasts243252 busty bon bon500 busty lyra heartstrings862 cleavage31030 clothes414308 dress39991 gown555 high res21936 horn44931 huge breasts32646 huge mane75 huge tail121 impossibly large breasts14598 impossibly large dress33 large wings1461 lyracorn69 mane1498 poofy shoulders75 race swap12686 rubber1403 shiny2050 tail20036 wings78901


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