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These are my oc, and my friends ocs for the 2018 Derpibooru collab :)

ELizabat belngs to me

Windy Barebow Evergreen belongs to mikaLtubeyou

Liz belongs to LisaZul9

The Sunset necklace and Dinky plushie are representing two more of my close friends, who can sadly not take part in this collab :(
Sunset Shimmer necklace represents VNagato , as that pony is his waifu, and the Dinky Hooves Plushie represents DinkyUniverse, as Dinky is her favourite pony, and she also done last years collab pic for me :)

I hope this is good enoguh for the collab :)
safe (1462503)artist:foxytthepiratefoxgir (11)applejack (150745)dinky hooves (4105)sunset shimmer (52030)tempest shadow (12481)oc (542200)oc:elizabat stormfeather (132)oc:liz (89)oc only (372016)oc:windy barebow evergreen (41)alicorn (170951)bat pony (37258)bat pony alicorn (1166)earth pony (159180)pegasus (199311)pony (727530)unicorn (217167)2018 community collab (528)derpibooru community collaboration (2067)my little pony: the movie (16852)alicorn oc (18744)bat pony oc (10826)broken horn (10319)canon x oc (19349)cowboy hat (11104)cute (154802)eyes closed (70236)female (789253)hat (67406)hug (23199)jewelry (41303)lesbian (84422)mare (353342)necklace (12825)plushie (20161)shipping (168930)simple background (300401)stormshadow (50)transparent background (156363)


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