Pony with super special extra care We changed episode spoiler tags to match official order (Yakity-Sax 18, Friendship U 16, etc.)
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safe (1187684)artist:xenon (376)rarity (134110)the saddle row review (1181)angel (495)angel rarity (100)blue background (1612)blushing (120168)cloven hooves (3543)devil rarity (106)duo (23529)duo female (3457)ear fluff (10473)female (511978)floating (2242)flying (22535)halo (863)haylo (40)hoof hold (3944)leonine tail (3967)looking at you (88309)mare (217710)open mouth (73872)pony (464483)shoulder angel (135)shoulder devil (145)simple background (216090)smiling (132306)spread wings (30228)trident (124)unshorn fetlocks (14136)wallpaper (14866)wings (27087)


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I loved the fanfic that deals with Rarity’s shoulder angel and devil. It was cute and worth a read, or two, or three.
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