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wow so they are not all the same height? sh00k


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Background Pony #1979
@Background Pony #E332
Saying that they “try to make Dash the tallest” is stretching it. Often when there’s small size differences between the cast, it’s due to animation errors more than anything.
There’s one group shot in “Epic Fail” where Dash just straight has a giant head compared to Twilight’s head.

And athleticism doesnt necessarily equate to greater height. There are certain sports where height plays an advantage of course, but one can be very athletic and still be short or of average height.
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Background Pony #E332
@Background Pony #C084
Tbh I think they often try to make Dash as the tallest
For example when the mane 5 (+sunset) are singing in ’Embrace the Magic’and they’re all on the dock, you can clearly see height differences
Rainbow Dash still looks like the tallest and I don’t think it’s just a "taller hair" question.
For example Rarity looks like the shortest AND SHE IS EVEN WEARING HEELS (so if you remove them from her she will still look like the shortest…EVEN SHORTER)
Rainbow Dash doesn’t wear heels so that’s probably her normal height
So in my opinion they often try to make her has as the tallest (and it seems legit since she is an athlete…aren’t most of them supposed to be tall?) but it seems like it doesn’t work often since in the 99% of the scenes they’re all the same :")
But yeah I like to think like that
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Background Pony #C084
99.99% of the time they’re all portrayed as the same height and build. Generally when people like to try show Dash being taller, they allude these same 2 or 3 screenshots and they would have to ignore literally every other moment in the entire franchise where the two are shown to be the same height.

In the 3rd pic, they’re not even making eye contact.
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Background Pony #E332
Well most of some headcanon have rainbow dash has the shortest one
And I really can’t understand why
Aren’t most of the athletes supposed to be tall?
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