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From Breaking Saddle 2, now free to download
suggestive128130 artist:zajice253 maud pie11865 pinkie pie203359 earth pony199463 pony846618 art pack:breaking saddle 241 armpits41473 art pack1166 ballgag6569 bdsm5585 belly button67639 bipedal30615 blushing176031 bondage30367 clothes409503 collar28776 crying40189 female900264 femdom6759 femsub8738 frog (hoof)9999 gag13182 incest12378 leash6828 lesbian92254 looking at each other16458 mauddom5 nudity334176 panties46146 piecest387 pinkiemaud182 pinkiesub70 plump6668 riding crop1671 shipping184155 socks56844 submissive13090 teary eyes3303 thigh highs28404 tied up5003 underhoof46900 underwear55281 whip marks477


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1 tsp of bullshit
Haven't seen the resolution or explanation yet but i'm just gonna assume that Maud is building up stress 99.99% of the time and the way she manages to appear so calm and collected is by letting out all her stress on her overenthusiastic sister.