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safe (1239485)artist:ncmares (664)lyra heartstrings (23695)spike (58167)starlight glimmer (30152)twilight sparkle (229731)alicorn (126287)book (22346)christmas (6926)clothes (292720)costume (18433)dragon (25453)female (586857)giantess (2643)giant pony (2980)glowing horn (9603)hat (49679)holiday (6811)house (957)levitation (6471)macro (7831)magic (46742)mare (245566)megalight sparkle (22)night (15877)pony (503092)present (3617)reading (4521)santa costume (902)santa hat (3710)snow (8869)snowman (346)telekinesis (15822)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (85155)unamused (8359)ushanka (259)wallpaper (15205)


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Background Pony #4F2B
please and if you draw me pink rosie you will find it in the oc: pink rosie or oc: rosie pink and use cutie mark her
will show

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Hail Nightmare Moon
I thought he was american…

anyway, I said that because of the hat’s association with communism, on top of starlight’s association with communism
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