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suggestive (95815)alternate version (13711)artist:lil miss jay (2201)tempest shadow (5645)my little pony: the movie (12964)spoiler:my little pony movie (12992)animated (73746)anthro (168209)breasts (160726)broken horn (4474)chibbers (31)female (586857)looking at you (94992)looking back (33172)looking back at you (4015)multiple variants (545)scar (6319)simple background (233588)solo (756653)solo female (136756)tempass (106)the ass was fat (8729)transparent background (125857)twerking (368)unguligrade anthro (31455)


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Background Pony #1853
It’s very possible to compliment someone’s art without insulting their previous works, you know.
Like you can say "This is cute I like the proportions!" without adding "His old stuff’s proportions suck"

And also, I imagine he’s gonna be drawing like this more often because "Chibber" is a new commission type he’s been having a lot of fun drawing, they’re very popoular, and his Picarto stream overlay is absolutely covered with them.
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