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explicit (270767)artist:audrarius (583)edit (91043)applejack (142323)fluttershy (177278)appleshy (1118)areola (9425)belly button (57471)big areola (3840)bored sex (220)breasts (190169)breast squeeze (1318)busty fluttershy (12382)clitoral hood (756)clitoris (19888)clothes (337723)comic (84716)female (707933)futa (35745)futa applejack (2251)futa on female (9215)human (125514)humanized (86500)implied applejack (414)indifferent (39)intersex (33705)missionary position (3020)nipples (110735)nudity (282087)offscreen character (22283)on back (19347)part of a set (6684)penetration (38797)penis (116250)pov (12549)sex (89315)shipping (156126)shirt (15894)shirt lift (2145)simple background (276681)solo focus (11136)sweat (18906)sweatdrop (1819)urethra (2123)vaginal (27974)vulva (92132)white background (68184)

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