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Humanized edit, request from /mlp/.
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Background Pony #D7D4
Well, most anthro pictures have a human facial structure but with a muzzle stuck in so editing it out and keeping everything else the same is pretty much on par.
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@Background Pony #D7D4
I think they did a good job going from anthro’ pone, to human. Both look great. It’s not easy to change species while keeping the image the same basically, even with only a few changes.

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@Background Pony #D7D4
What I meant was, aside from the muzzle removal, not a lot changed about the overall shape of the face. The eyes, of course, stayed the same, but so did the cheekbone on the far side of the face and the back of the jawline on the near side. The horn and ears were removed without disturbing the hairstyle, the skin tone didn’t change at all. And to top it all off, the edit was done so seamlessly that if you didn’t know which one was the original you’d have a hard time telling which one came second.
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