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anonymous asked:

Is there any lovey pet names that you and Monkey call each other. Like Babydoll and or a few others?

we have a few
safe1585964 artist:wickedsilly1064 oc610883 oc only412197 oc:sleepy head116 oc:wicked silly437 pony853528 angry24218 bust41473 comic102138 dialogue60879 dot eyes190 ear fluff23753 ear piercing21955 eyes closed81042 female908800 male308649 oc x oc13320 open mouth124539 piercing35323 shipping185221 smiling217721 speech bubble20725 straight122533 vulgar19674 wickedsleepy109


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"Listen here you little shit, you're the cute one in the relationship."
"No, you are, retard! You have adorable eyes, fucker!"
"You have a very cuddly body, fucker!"
"Want to cuddle, bitch!?"
"Hell yes, shitlord!"