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Messy — Starlight Creampie

She may have forgotten the protection spell, oh boy~

explicit332561 artist:stargazer317 starlight glimmer46393 sunburst6299 trixie64843 pony900772 69 position2564 aftersex8917 an egg being attacked by sperm1814 anatomically correct22502 and that's how luster dawn was made27 anus91353 big penis9450 bisexual5219 clitoris25454 creampie28534 creampie-eating237 cum75382 cum string835 cutie mark43875 dark genitals10151 dialogue61801 dock46606 egg cell1729 facial7884 female1301779 ffm threesome999 glazed dick2483 group sex14345 impregnation2758 looking back53133 male349889 mare447962 nudity349614 offscreen character31834 open mouth132778 oral46210 panting2769 penetration53596 penis144365 plot74067 polyamory6496 ponut40902 sex113451 shipping191056 smiling229337 spermatozoon1741 stallion100143 starburst1130 startrix2741 startrixburst67 straight129649 threesome9559 tongue out96919 vaginal36823 vaginal secretions38062 vulva119803


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Background Pony #D9EE
Hahaha, too much on my plate right now, only teasers for fun!
Too much inspiration, not enough time, eh? Too bad too, that would be a pretty fun story.

Good news for those of us waiting on the next chapter of Apogee related fun though…
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"Wait, what did you just say Trixie?"Glimmer asked, as she felt the semen sloshing around inside her.

"Well… Trixie may have overestimated how much she knew about contraception spells… But Trixie thinks you two should be parents, it would be so cute!"

"What!?" Sunburst said, as he pulled his drooling cock further out of Starlight's swollen marelips.

"… Sunburst…" Glimmer growled, continuing to pin her annoying friend as Sunburst walked around to the opposite end of the pair, "… you know what to do."

Trixie's face scrunched up in confusion, "Wait… What!?" She felt Sunburst flare pushing against her marehood.

"C'mon Trixie, my foal should have friend her age…"


You're really improving rapidly. The only thing that's a little off is Trixie's snout. It looks a little too square and mares have rounded snouts.
Magical Inkwell - Wrote MLP fanfiction consisting of at least around 1.5k words, and has a verified link to the platform of their choice
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Artist -

In love with a Rare mare
Super sexy with Trixie watching the creampie from that position.

Also: Behold, the creation of the next OP unicorn.