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explicit (270877)artist:ethanqix (205)pinkie pie (182628)spike (64444)twilight sparkle (250518)alicorn (152651)anthro (191388)balls (55208)blowjob (24333)blushing (147018)clothed sex (1898)clothes (337925)couch (5634)dialogue (46618)dragon (32934)earth pony (133579)eyes closed (64092)female (708505)hoof feet (189)male (240294)mare (310209)nudity (282210)older (16661)older spike (3199)oral (37747)penis (116286)pinkiespike (368)plantigrade anthro (21072)refrigerator (407)sex (89358)shipping (156243)smiling (173023)speech bubble (15268)stealth sex (564)straight (104835)sweat (18924)sweatdrop (1822)thrill of almost being caught (335)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (96717)vein bulge (1855)


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9 comments posted
Background Pony #AC36
I think Pinkie already decided what she wants to drink, and it’s not something kept in the fridge.
Pinkie prefers warm beverages.

She won’t stop. Cum quick dragon boy 💜💚💗
And hope she stops at one.

Actually, I could see Pinkie making a game of that. Just waiting for Twilight to wander away for a bit, and doing this again. And again. And again.

Twilight: "Ok Spike, I found that orange juice you asked for, and… are you ok? You look a bit frazzled."
Spike: "No, I’m… I’m fine. Just… so relaxing here. Waiting. Sitting."
Pinkie: "Can I trouble you for a glass of water Twilight? While you’re up?"
Twilight: "Sure, be right back."
Spike: "Wait, no, I can… gah!"
Twilight: "What was that Spike?"
Spike: "Nothing! You’d better get that GlaAH!… glass of water for Pinkie."
Twilight: "Oh. Ok, coming right up."
Spike: "Oh Celestia I hope so…"
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