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She does have a very Pat look on her face. Does that make Twilight Woolie? I always thought Woolie would be Chrysalis. She’s got all the Woolie qualities—she’s black, she likes green, she’s always coming back, she feels no remorse and she totally killed a guy that one time.
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"Go to the end of the pier, and there’s like a bunch of fish that you can kill, like, in the water, and you can get items from them."
"I think one of them drops like a ruby or something."
"You got some from the crows, right?"
"Yeah, but like…"
"You can do it with fish too?"
"Yeah you can totally do it with all wildlife animals."
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Background Pony #CC44
It’s the Elder Cookie. From one of Celestia’s earliest forays into cooking, it is reputed to be the hardest material known to ponykind. Shortly after baking it was given to one of Celestia’s paramours. Its properties were discovered when the stallion miraculously shrugged off a crossbow bolt from an assassination attempt gone awry.
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