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I am pretty happy with how this one came out. First longer animation which isn’t just 2 second loops mashed together. Be sure to unmute the webm- there’s sound!

I animated this, I am not the original artist. Original Derpibooru upload here.

This is the second animation I’ve made recently but the other one’s artist is on the Do Not Post list and hasn’t replied to my messages yet. Not sure what to do about that, if anything can be done at all. Anyone who knows the rules/policy better than me, please let me know if I can upload an animated version of an existing image here on Derpibooru even though the artist is DNP "Artist Upload Only." Thanks. ¯\(ツ)
explicit (271559)artist:legendanger (42)artist:potzm (330)edit (91498)starlight glimmer (35911)60 fps (324)animated (82054)blowjob (24406)blushing (147444)blushing profusely (1081)boop (5913)bust (29160)colored pupils (7297)cum (62563)cum in mouth (7853)cute (139615)cute porn (5899)dark genitals (7646)dickboop (262)dubious consent (667)eyes closed (64249)eye shimmer (1013)female (711036)female focus (3588)floppy ears (39563)glazed dick (1510)glimmerbetes (2767)horsecock (48791)licking (14807)male (241316)nudity (282926)offscreen character (22435)oral (37848)oral creampie (4064)penis (116602)pony (650464)sex (89601)signature (14061)simple background (277700)solo focus (11222)sound (4235)straight (105144)tongue out (72151)unicorn (185151)vein (2085)veiny cock (979)wavy mouth (2814)webm (6561)


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Spoiled for those who fail to unseen things haha
Just some constructive criticism if I may, when you used her mouth and muzzle from one of the later two panels it would have benifited to rotate it, or at least her jawline when doing so as due to her leaning forwards in the animation it sort of looks like her jaw dislocates due to the angle of her jaw bone
PS love your work, no question about that,
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Crimson Prose
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Wouldn’t this be sexual assault on top of whatever "dubious consent" is supposed to mean?
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I like your animation and it turn out be great! >w< <3

But next time please ask me first if you may. It will be very helpful for me to keep tabs on anything related to my works in the future. You can of course PM directly here at derpibooru or at my Inkbunny
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This is the kind of advice that gets people in trouble; you are factually and seriously incorrect.

There is no mechanism for copyrights being abandoned or otherwise forced into public domain other than either the artist explicitly stating that it is public domain (and no, silence does not give consent), or death of the artist plus seventy years. Lacking that, or an explicit assignment of rights, this would indeed be copyright infringement.

Copyright law in the US (which is based upon the Berne Convention of 1971) is in Title 17 of the US Code. See it at … you will find no mechanism for "no defense, no copyright". What you WILL find is 17.302(a) (duration: creator’s life + 70 years, or 17.302© anonymous creations 95 years to 120 years). You will find 17.106(1)(2)(3)(5) that says the copyright owner has exclusive rights to publish/distribute/prepare derivative works/publicly display the work. You will find 172.201(a) states that the owner of the copyright is the original artist until it is explicitly transferred elsewhere by the original copyright holder… the original artist.

So no, you cannot publish a derivative work of a DNP artist. That fails on several levels.

And those are the facts. Whatever your opinion may be (or mine), those are the facts.

Trademarks do have a mechanism for abandonment, but this isn’t about trademark (which is entirely different from copyright). And in any event, someone sneaking in use of a trademark and getting away with it would never trigger loss of trademark; that requires substantial infringement in trade AND that the trademark holder be aware of it AND that they do nothing about it for many such incidents (assuming they could do something about it at all).

In any event, if the original artist says "Do not post", it’s a douche move to do it anyway, regardless of whatever else (legal or otherwise) may be in play.
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Go fsck yourself
Just my opinion, but if someone packs up their shit and leaves, and they left anything behind, tough luck for the former owner. Copyright law is pretty much the same way: defend your work, or it’s public domain.
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