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My OC for the 2018 collab. Wanted to try a different pose out, also I got a flying slot so I toned it down a bit. Just a little. Also holding a plushie of her husband. I'd also managed to lose out on the Sunset Shimmer style eyes I gave her awhile ago, so I fixed that by re-adding them.
safe1750179 artist:lightningbolt918 derpibooru exclusive29306 oc711772 oc only465354 oc:flutterknight5 oc:lightning dee61 pegasus309039 pony1010242 unicorn342187 2018 community collab515 derpibooru community collaboration3808 .svg available8463 bow29962 choker12917 clothes475881 colored sclera699 cute205664 emo847 fangs26678 female1401627 flying39405 grin40902 holding3370 hoodie14938 hoof hold8603 long mane3432 looking at you175632 mare502054 messy mane7924 ocbetes5662 open mouth154253 plushie24734 pointy ponies3453 simple background409007 smiling260835 solo1094185 spiked choker1727 spiked wristband1358 spread wings57041 svg3701 tail bow5799 transparent background208750 vector77854 wings123056 wristband3822 yellow sclera134


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