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My OC for the 2018 collab. Wanted to try a different pose out, also I got a flying slot so I toned it down a bit. Just a little. Also holding a plushie of her husband. I’d also managed to lose out on the Sunset Shimmer style eyes I gave her awhile ago, so I fixed that by re-adding them.
safe (1462884)artist:lightningbolt (709)derpibooru exclusive (21082)oc (542445)oc:flutterknight (4)oc:lightning dee (41)oc only (372143)pegasus (199431)pony (727771)unicorn (217273)2018 community collab (528)derpibooru community collaboration (2074)bow (20273)choker (7557)clothes (367563)colored sclera (479)cute (154937)emo (639)fangs (18472)female (789525)flying (30762)grin (29022)holding (1963)hoodie (10644)hoof hold (6255)long mane (2575)looking at you (125384)mare (353508)messy mane (6036)ocbetes (3519)open mouth (107930)plushie (20166)pointy ponies (2860)simple background (300516)smiling (189312)solo (897233)spiked choker (1005)spiked wristband (884)spread wings (42209)svg (2946).svg available (6892)tail bow (4025)transparent background (156411)vector (67799)wings (56302)wristband (2542)yellow sclera (95)

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