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Contrivance is a gadget pony with a love for hot sauce, inventions, and dice rolling. In essence, she’s a young, rebellious punk mix of Rick Sanchez and Two-Face. An anti-hero of sorts who is out to have fun, leave things up to chance, so long as their her ideas. Sometimes, depending how the dice roll, she can seem mean-spirited, or helpful, a vigilante, or just a nuisance. 

She has a gadget for everything, kept in her handbag or in a teleporter-shrink-thingamagic, (she doesn’t actually remember since she doesn’t take a lot of notes) stored in her drone named Bot-Thing. She has a couple of gadgets for almost everything.

Mascot pony for a local brony group I recently started.
safe (1426169)artist:chopsticks (357)oc (523828)oc only (363238)pegasus (187233)pony (694242)robot (6034)cutie mark (33821)dice (390)drone (252)female (757874)goggles (11703)hot sauce (90)mare (334009)mascot (717)punk (1724)shaved head (36)shaved mane (97)simple background (290078)solo (874257)tabasco (10)watch (987)


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