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Twilight gets tired of anon’s teasing and finally takes action into her own hooves,what better way to celebrate hump day?
Based on the famous Twilight x Anon comic by @alcor-nsfw.
Original animation >>1594092
explicit390025 artist:cabrony249 artist:paradoxbroken174 color edit8096 edit146912 twilight sparkle320358 oc779245 oc:anon12473 human180497 pony1209364 unicorn395392 animated106673 barefoot30782 bedroom eyes67138 blushing222314 canon x oc28427 colored21037 cowgirl position7940 curled toes164 estrus1901 feet45502 female1504156 female on male2082 femdom8966 frame by frame4182 glazed dick3427 gritted teeth14883 human male7153 human male on mare3846 human on pony action11244 interspecies25516 male423870 mare558925 moaning7333 nudity420306 on back27488 open mouth176731 penetration67597 penis173856 riding8010 sex137683 simple background457186 size difference16607 straight150308 tongue out118663 twidom1180 unicorn twilight22348 vaginal45321 vaginal secretions43829 white background115770


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Background Pony #0CA9
I’ve been waiting for this to be clean and colored since I saw the sketch.  
Don’t like the green, but love Twilight’s movement and expression
Background Pony #3BA7
>grimdark tag
What’s grimdark about it? Just because Purpledrank is fucking him so hard the green is coming off his dick, that doesn’t mean it isn’t perfectly consensual and loving.
Background Pony #AE3C
That’s it anon, you stupid idiot. That’s what you get for being such a fucking tease.