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explicit390015 artist:burgerkiss510 shining armor24872 twilight velvet4768 anthro292951 ambiguous penetration3446 bedroom12302 blushing222307 breast fondling2430 breast grab8218 breasts316152 cat ears1308 cat paws95 clothes519968 dialogue73818 eyes closed109434 female1504118 from behind15176 gilf622 gloves23147 gritted teeth14883 grope15361 incest14989 infidelity7663 infidelity armor1660 looking back67309 male423861 mare558904 milf10852 mother and son3342 nudity420298 one eye closed36570 open mouth176724 panties54616 pubic hair8597 sex137681 shiningvelvet419 shipping218632 softcore2844 stallion133167 straight150307 tongue out118661 underwear66814


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Draconia and Liberty!
@Background Pony #C727  
Agreed! You can marry anyone in your family tree because its so convoluted, no one can keep track of it! You can bang your sister who is also your aunt, your mother who is also your half-sister, your cousin who is also your niece… The list goes on! All for the glorious purpose of making every noble in Europe a Hapsburg! (Except those purist Bohemians who made marrying into the glorious house of Hapsburg illegal in their Kingdom.)
Prism King
Preenhub - We all know what you were up to this evening~
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Condensed Milk - State-Approved Compensation

Draconia and Liberty!
Nature? Are you sure you aren’t confusing it with the Hapsburg Dynasty? No one knows more about how to use incest to get anything you want in the world than them. Money? Check. More soldiers? Check. Better equipment? Check. A better claim than anyone else to the throne of your kingdom’s most hated enemy? Check! Very much so!
Background Pony #DCF6
Its amazing she is still that tight after passing shining through there.
@Background Pony #3897
Her stomach isn’t fucked up tho so that first one isn’t really an explanation. The second one could work yeah, but I feel thats cheating since she’s really not tight, but they’re using a trick to make her more tight
Maybe it isn’t anything Velvet is doing at all. Maybe Shining Armor is just so big that even a mother of two can barely fit him inside.
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you could easily see a scar from that angle.
Only if it’s horizontal. A vertical one -which is how I thought they all are until I did an image search earlier tonight- would most likely be obscured.
Either way we’re discussing around the fact that this boi is plowing his own mother
Thank you, Captain Obvious. ;)
Background Pony #DF35
1-2-3-4 Fuck that pussy to the floor! 5-6-7-8 Fuck that bitch hard, copulate!
Background Pony #DF35
@The Angry Dango of Doom
Also, that position puts a lot of pressure on the underside of the penis, plus the top near the base. It actually does work pretty well for being tight.