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safe1636065 artist:andromedasparkz162 moondancer4650 starlight glimmer46413 sunset shimmer59872 trixie64862 twilight sparkle291279 alicorn210286 pony901176 unicorn293671 chibi13647 counterparts863 cute189134 dancerbetes373 diatrixes3003 falling2578 female1302160 filly62697 filly moondancer46 filly starlight glimmer556 filly sunset shimmer175 filly trixie296 filly twilight sparkle2602 glasses58083 glimmerbetes3652 jenga59 looking down7829 looking up15248 magical quartet143 magical quintet113 magical trio442 mare448165 one eye closed27860 open mouth132867 pony pile707 shimmerbetes4179 simple background369551 tower of pony204 twiabetes11076 twilight sparkle (alicorn)119747 twilight's counterparts886 white background91650 younger16403


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Background Pony #D9ED
you know, it's interesting how the fans can use either Starlight Glimmer's Season 5 or Season 5 mane style to use it as a Filly mane style for Starlight Glimmer when she was young in fan art. But you know, I always still think her Official Filly Mane Style, the one with the Pigtails, still remains on top X3