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Luna 2 was the clear favorite, While Twi 2-3 was very disputed :3
safe1879392 artist:magnaluna1158 princess luna105679 twilight sparkle322113 alicorn256766 pony1225280 alternate hairstyle31529 alternate universe11124 colored wings8544 cute222873 duo93324 female1517145 flying43687 heart eyes20715 jewelry81661 looking at each other25014 lunabetes3844 mare566666 open mouth179138 regalia26099 smiling302638 stars18498 twiabetes13189 twilight sparkle (alicorn)133564 wingding eyes27471


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If you’ll ever read this comment, MagnaLuna, I just wanted to say that I really like the quality of every artwork you made (and hopefully still doing.
I must admit though that I’m not a fan of certain ships you did though, but well you can’t please everyone with shipping anyway ^ _ ^