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A “censored” version of the pony pic I did before. MannedGeorge wanted to use this as a cover for his pony fic XY Chromosome, and turns out the old one was a “bit” too lewd. They asked for some of the pony characters to have their boobs more covered and obviously for Molestia not to suck her tits out in the open. What can you do…

So, that’s how this “censorship” was made — hope you still like these ponies, kids!
suggestive139562 artist:mrkashkiet99 nightmare moon16694 princess celestia93811 princess luna97947 oc666148 oc:disynomia17 oc:eunomia39 alicorn218729 anthro253746 princess molestia3193 alicorn oc25684 anthro oc29335 armor23311 big breasts79454 breasts269766 busty nightmare moon1337 busty princess celestia9999 busty princess luna6735 group shot418 huge breasts37231 hyper breasts4512 impossibly large breasts16430


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