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shippy kisses c:
safe1728296 artist:creeate97133 captain celaeno1167 fizzlepop berrytwist9262 pinkie pie218277 princess luna99969 princess skystar2049 queen novo1403 rainbow dash236309 tempest shadow16907 twilight sparkle303266 alicorn228725 classical hippogriff5034 earth pony257083 hippogriff9941 pegasus300510 pony988516 unicorn332883 anthro264909 my little pony: the movie19201 anthro with ponies2662 blushing201173 boop7496 broken horn13938 celaenodash9 dialogue66600 ear piercing27085 earring21672 eye scar5149 female1382511 flower26198 flower in hair7899 heart49222 jewelry65798 kissing25032 lesbian98149 lunovo2 mare491657 noseboop2873 piercing42190 raised hoof47536 scar12262 shipping203019 simple background401648 skypie188 speech3161 tempestlight3548 twilight sparkle (alicorn)124968 white background100419


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