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15 comments posted
Although, to be fair I kinda dig Sunset’s new look, Y’know the leather jacket with the highway stripes and boots? Kinda reminds me of Red Hood from the Batman comics.

I also think she makes the best Red Hood as far as mlp characters.
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Background Pony #7318
Explain to me how the least fashion conscious character of the bunch (Applejack) keeps ending up the best dressed human? :3
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BackgroundLoL's avatar
Make she wears synthetic leather? Current ones (and allready in 2013), were quite like the reall thing…
Otherwise it’s a bit of a plothole…

Again though, she may feel a separation between Equestrian intelligent life forms (which USUALLY, except cases like Spike, translate into humans when coming through the portal), and Earth/human world animals…
Also, Even in Equestria, there farm animals, like cows, of (seemingly), lesser intellect.

Still, I agree this kinda is odd…