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Artwork© by ShootingStarYT
Night Shine Sparkle© belongs to ShootingStarYT

Base by Moonlight-Grey-Bases (Original Pic by SpectrumNightYT and Hasbro)
safe (1429622)artist:shootingstaryt (38)oc (525332)oc:night shine sparkle (4)oc only (364303)pony (698393)unicorn (203481)base used (10563)male (258108)movie accurate (756)multicolored hair (3323)multicolored mane (548)multicolored tail (721)next generation (5379)offspring (28767)parent:flash sentry (2200)parents:flashlight (1898)parent:twilight sparkle (6199)simple background (290928)solo (876232)stallion (73021)transparent background (151917)watermark (12573)


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