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Night Shine Sparkle© belongs to ShootingStarYT
Name: Night Shine Sparkle
Nickname(s): Nighty/ Night/ Shiny or little Nighty
Species: Unicorn
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Parents: Princess Twilight Sparkle (Mother), Flash Sentry (Father)
Sibling(s): Starlight Sparkle (Big Sister), Emerald (little Half Brother), Blue Shimmer (Half-Sister), Flare Sentry (Half-Brother)
Place of Birth: Canterlot
Place of Residence: Ponyville (Twilight's Castle)
Occupation: Royal Guard

Talent/Abilities/Cutie Mark:
His talent is the Magic (but not the kind of magic like her Mother).
He will be an Royal Guard. His Cutie Mark is a a silver/grey Shield
with an Star in it and two Lighting Bolt's.

General Info:


Family Members:

Sunset Shimmer (Step-Mother),Timber Spruce (Step-Father), Shinning Armor (Uncle), Cadance (Aunt),Nightlight (Grandfather),
Velvet Twilight (Grandmother), Crystal Guide (Cousin), Flurry Heart (Cousin)
Girlfriend: Royal Heart (Owned by VelvetSentryYT and ShootingStarYT)

Art by ShootingStarYT

Cutie Mark (Don't Steal):

Movie Style:

Movie Style (Sea Pony):

I changed his Info's!!!
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