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Just a cute image that came into my head really, so I decided to draw it! It was cute, so I just had to colour it hehe.  
I know I haven’t done any in a while, so hope you all enjoy this~  
Fluttershy just loves to be nice and warm and snug and comfy!
suggestive162126 artist:fluffyxai619 fluttershy229466 pegasus364565 pony1225212 ass up2931 blushing224239 clothes525479 cute222861 diaper14685 diaper fetish9350 female1517040 fetish45708 happy35632 indoors4537 jumper153 non-baby in diaper10384 pillow20930 poofy diaper4847 shyabetes15963 smiling302588 socks76118 solo1195634 striped socks23852 sweater16298 sweatershy3311


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Background Pony #694A
And thus, all the standards of cuteness hath been crushed under the merciless the cutest hoof of Fluttershy
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That One Shitty Artist
She’s definitely in such a way that I’d enjoy~
Of course, implying I haven’t been like this before.