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Goddess Erosia
please call me mom~<3
Let me be the first to say…. no one will actually DIE in the series finale. They just….won’t. Any argument about why it’s possible is just….nuts. Y’all nuts. It will literally never happen. The most they would possibly do – and I’d be SHOCKED if they have the balls to even go this far – is to have Twilight sort of sacrifice herself in some way, only to be saved in the last second by some deus-ex power or the power of love itself in some cheesy cop-out. Even something as predictable as that would actually be very risky for the show’s rating. And no, the show will never change the rating of the finale to compensate for the audience change, that just…won’t happen.

It doesn’t matter that the show has a large adult fanbase or even that kids watching since season 1 would be older now, the show still has to fulfill its purpose and remain suitable for its original target audience. It’s made some naughty jokes here and there that the babies won’t get, but there’s still rules they have to follow. They never even showed us Cadence’s pregnancy phase, which arguably could have been cute/funny for a couple of episodes – but they didn’t dare because that’s too "real". Even though I’m sure a lot of young kids have seen their mothers be like this before suddenly they have a new sibling. They still weren’t daring to go too "real" there so that implies they won’t go too "real" in any other direction either. Everything’s gotta be somewhat safe.
Background Pony #9D5E
Themes like this are seen all the time but hardly ever does the main character die. I have only seen it in very few tv shows or movies most of which are on YouTube. In the ratio of second main to main dying is about 3:1. I think I would prefer Twilight to die first. Shows such as Samurai Jack, Mother 3, Resident Evil, Undertale, You Lie in April etc. are all quite sad yet the main character does not die only the deternaugist. It has become repetitive so if they kill Twilight instead, the show would have a more emotional ending. Besides, it could also show legacy and the power of a real hero. Death is something anyone can experience so the legal department will not forbid it. Even if they made the last season age restricted, anyone who had enjoyed the show at ages 3-9 would be a teen anyway so, I would not mind it being ages 10+.
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Background Pony #9D5E
@Background Pony #9D5E
It is hard to imagine but everyone has a purpose in life. The show is supposed to teach about friendship correct? Well if there is one friendship lesson that they have not thought about it is to make the most of their friendships. Celestia would be able to have an infinite life since she serves an infinite purpose. Twilight can’t. If anything we have to make the most of our friendships and show appreciation for our friends. We need to not mourn that they died but consider what they did in life.
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Background Pony #9A95
We should not feel sad that such beings dead. We should be thankful such people lived. In Season 9 which will be the last season, I am sure this will happen. As dark as it seems and even though it might change the age rating for MLP to 10+, I think that she will die. Not in a suggestive or bloody way but in a way that she served whatever purpose she could as princess. Tools have their period of use. Her period of use was to spread harmony. Unfortunately since it was extremely successful, there is no remaining purpose for her. If she kept going like this, she would only be life-like.
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