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I ship Tempest Shadow X Grubber.

What else can I say but, what will Grubber do without Fizzlepop Berrytwist? These two, in my opinion, they look so cute together. It makes me wonder what their kids would look like?

I remembered watching the MLP Movie in theatres with my big sister and how there was less of an audience in there. The only moviegoers I saw was a little girl and her mom watching the film together and that had me thinking:

"WTH is wrong with you people?! Do you honestly think that this film is even worst than the Emoji movie?!". I mean seriously! But I'm not here to bash someone for their opinions about the film.

I mean sure, it does have it's flaws like Twilight Sparkle being an idiot for not listening to Queen Novo and for not coming up with better ideas like forming an army of those who resist the Storm King's reign of tyranny or maybe even setting up a trap to capture Tempest Shadow so she could actually interrogate her alongside with her friends. But you know what? I see nothing wrong with this feature film. I mean, despite the plot holes, the movie still did very well with it's songs, it's new characters, it's animation and it's own style related to the Lion Guard series. In fact, the animation in my opinion looked a lot better than the TV quality and quantity of the show. But I have nothing against critics…sort of.
safe1575831 artist:melspyrose93 fizzlepop berrytwist8615 grubber717 tempest shadow15377 oc605160 oc:blueberry muffin pie1 hybrid15266 my little pony: the movie17832 blushing175929 broken horn12762 cuddling7839 female899572 grubbest15 heart43188 male305613 offspring34451 parent:grubber4 parent:tempest shadow1952 parents:grubbest3 shipping184095 straight121720


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The first and third times I went to go see the movie, there were only a couple other people in the theater besides myself and the person I brought (mom the first time, dad the third) — but then, the second time, when I went to see it by myself, the theater was completely full. So I dunno, haha — though it could be that on that first time was when there was a wildfire going on a little ways away, and so being outside that day, it hurt to breathe, and then the third time was just yesterday. I really enjoyed it, and so did my parents (even though they'd never seen the show before).

On the subject of the image, I can't say I like the ship — if only because I love Tempest and don't really care for Grubber. But at least it's well-drawn.

My sis and I went and saw it. It had a decent number of butts in the seats. Guys and gals. Just 21 million dollars spread all over the US.