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Marrying the princess of love sure has its benefits.

Commissioned animation between Shining Armor and Cadance. Full quality upload for the animation can be found in the source.

explicit361737 artist:arareroll436 artist:clopician97 derpibooru exclusive29319 princess cadance33157 shining armor23650 alicorn233033 pony1011356 unicorn342652 anatomically correct24834 animated100885 anus100326 balls79645 blowjob32838 cock worship2963 cum81719 cum in mouth11038 cum out nose948 cumming23271 deepthroat5494 facefuck2280 female1402667 good clean married sex1313 horse noises580 horsecock71807 male388313 mare502582 mating58 nudity382590 oral50388 oral creampie5278 penis159220 pink horsecock1347 ponut45611 sex125810 shiningcadance2745 shipping205756 sound9466 stallion115841 straight140405 throat bulge3699 vulva132424 webm14372


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Go fsck yourself

Mmmmf, head from the Princess of Love…!

Pretty much this. The thrusting is the only thing which bugs me. As TheComet said, it should come from the hips, not the entire body leaning forward – go to a mirror, turn sideways, and do a few yourself to see what I mean. Then try moving your body like Shining’s here; I bet you fall forward on your face.

But I do love the cum shooting out her nose. :)

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Hoofsies Rule

this is amazing how much he came and she loves to suck her husbands cock <3 that shaft is stimulated so so well in her throat ~ wished her clitoris was winking that you can tell she gets off to that. Lovely action!

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My one and only criticism about this is that the thrusts are never hard. There’s always acceleration the deceleration instead of like… Hars, bang bang bang thrusts.. Feel me?