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… I wonder if she knows what went wrong?

Did this as a raffle entry for this month in a Discord art server, the prompt was Crystal Ponies.
Just a silly idea I had hehe. I like to imagine that Derpy really wanted to be a crystal pony, but after something went a little wrong, she went to Twilight for help.
Cus like, they're not ACTUALLY crystal, right? XD

I have no idea how she became a shiny rock that moves but that's up to your imagination X3
safe1679528 artist:fluffyxai542 derpy hooves49720 twilight sparkle297061 alicorn219287 pegasus281520 pony941862 :t3727 big ears1109 chest fluff37669 crystallized1452 dock48518 duo58705 female1338859 mare467856 sweat25619 sweatdrop3082 thinking1885 transparent715 twilight sparkle (alicorn)122291


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