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Wukrii - A Fantasy Adventure Comic

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Let’s count this as Christmas and New Year art, maybe? Happy Holidays, everypony! Thanks for staying with us. We are wishing you…
suggestive (109630)artist:evange (75)artist:tai-l-rodriguez (21)king sombra (11507)pinkie pie (184813)chest fluff (24544)clothes (344042)collar (23835)crack shipping (3115)female (725551)femsub (6133)floppy ears (40058)fluffy (11239)gloves (13695)grin (26838)happy holidays (90)happy new year (842)heart (36798)hearth's warming (544)holiday (10523)leash (5729)lidded eyes (17523)looking at you (116043)male (246975)maledom (3584)pony (659912)shipping (159143)smiling (176258)sombrapie (66)straight (106534)submissive (9564)tongue out (73212)


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