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safe1597314 artist:evange79 artist:tai-l-rodriguez23 king sombra12943 pinkie pie205664 earth pony209845 pony867016 unicorn277911 :p7476 armor22033 cape9332 clothes418598 colored horn540 curved horn6007 eyes closed82532 fangs22161 female1270629 horn49128 male337622 mare431392 riding on back7 shipping185945 sombra horn426 sombrapie71 stallion95562 straight126018 tongue out92949 underhoof47204


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Gay Space Raptor
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Not actually gay
Rainbow Dash x Kitchen Sink removed from reality? What sorta' drugs are you taking? That's like one of the few ships that has so much evidence and cred backing it up! I mean hell, remember that one scene where the kitchen sink grew butterfly wings and flaunted itself to the crowd but as soon as it was about to fall from way up high, RD swept in at the last moment to save it? Guess you're too oblivious to notice RD's infatuation with kitchen appliances, but don't beat yourself up over it. Not everyone is quite the keen observer!
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Undead inside
@Gay Space Raptor
You can't say this is any more removed from reality than Tom X Bloomburg, or Rainbow Dash x Kitchen Sink, or Maud X Trixie. people like what they like, so what? Ain't anyone's business what people wanna draw or ship.