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safe (1430358)artist:lamentedmusings (52)angel bunny (8651)discord (26762)fluttershy (184300)draconequus (6242)pegasus (188390)pony (699034)rabbit (3497)boots (16049)clothes (356057)cosplay (25493)costume (21713)discoshy (2333)fake horn (555)female (761033)flower (18428)flower in mouth (482)gray background (4980)luna (sailor moon) (40)male (258346)mare (335844)mouth hold (13320)otakushy (63)raised hoof (32115)rose (3024)rose in mouth (145)sailor moon (1192)sailor uniform (552)shipping (164652)shoes (24102)simple background (291122)skirt (31557)straight (109590)trio (6004)tuxedo mask (53)


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Background Pony #D6C3
Yeah if tuxedo mask was in his 50s I could understand it. But here it just looks like Discord be creepin.
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