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source needed (10939)suggestive (108927)artist:ralek (1209)oc (501578)oc:lock down (165)oc only (352735)oc:teacup cake (55)angry (18604)cheek fluff (2896)chest fluff (24027)cute (139528)dialogue (46712)ear fluff (16476)eye contact (5442)female (710599)fluffy (11089)freckles (18681)heart eyes (10932)horn (20880)implied interspecies (151)innocent (296)leg fluff (1590)looking at each other (11544)male (241139)mare (311285)monochrome (131549)ocbetes (3074)pegasus (172949)pony (650142)puppy dog eyes (541)red face (150)screaming (2357)shoulder fluff (1103)sketch (51512)smiling (173498)speciesism (38)stallion (67168):t (3222)teeth (6132)thinking (1257)unicorn (184958)vulgar (17565)wingding eyes (14998)wing fluff (1158)yelling (2353)

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Hoofsies Rule
She’s just a slutty little mean shit without manners. Not even a little, she can go to Zebraland and do what she wants without hurting anypony in my opinion.
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Background Pony #847A
>It’s another ’Look at all the sad white boys getting angry on the internet over cuckoldry and interracial relationships! Tee-hee!’ episode

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Background Pony #2FA9
It like masochism, but with mental self-inflicted damage instead of phisical, anyone who enjoys something that is physically or mentally harmful to themselfs is mentally ill.
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Chest Fluff Enthusiast
@Background Pony #2FA9
It’s a toss up. He could be, but I’ve seen a pic of him before and he doesn’t look the part. He looks like a pretty confident guy. Maybe he just makes a lot of money off of it because al large actual cucks flock to his artwork.
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