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zeropony55 asked:

If you did have a foal what would they look like?

Every time we talked, I think we liked the thought of two babbus haha.

So Here’s Daydream and Lullaby
safe (1429717)artist:wickedsilly (1047)oc (525381)oc:daydream (126)oc:lullaby (43)oc only (364329)oc:sleepy head (116)oc:wicked silly (435)pony (698475)unicorn (203534)baby (7635)baby pony (5384)blushing (153871)blush sticker (1733)choker (7231)colt (11226)cute (148639)daaaaaaaaaaaw (2578)ear fluff (17834)ear piercing (16891)eyes closed (68000)family (3486)family photo (275)female (760467)foal (12396)hoof hold (5943)lidded eyes (18703)looking at you (120540)male (258139)mare (335535)no catchlights (467)oc x oc (11118)offspring (28770):p (5826)parent:oc:sleepy head (1)parent:oc:wicked silly (1)parents:wickedsleepy (1)piercing (28403)shipping (164586)simple background (290950)sitting (46118)smiling (183289)stallion (73030)straight (109518):t (3308)tongue out (75828)white background (72204)wickedsleepy (109)


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