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safe (1077064)artist:amberpone (73)oc (347379)oc only (273880)oc:snowwhite (1)adult (1324)blue (637)blue eyes (1118)blue hair (294)cell shading (85)commission (19944)cutie mark (16375)digital art (2498)eyebrows (693)eyes open (33)fanart (760)female (379926)hooves (4664)looking forward (25)mare (153077)no smile (6)on the floor (46)original character do not steal (324)paint tool sai (441)pegasus (90241)pony (378358)sad (14648)scar (4039)shading (372)short hair (862)short tail (271)simple background (168283)sitting (28332)snow (7663)solo (643824)transparent background (93016)white (212)winter (2418)worried (1580)


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