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This was… something. I faced various problems in the creation of the gift, originally my plan was to do a new drawing, but due problems that I still couldn’t solve of the drivers of my Wacom, I decided to at least take a sketch that I did a few days ago.

Happy (late) birthday Cyan, and I hope you like this.

For limitless snuggle, here the .SVG
safe (1077091)artist:aureai (86)oc (347400)oc:aureai (26)oc:cyan lightning (129)oc only (273887)absurd res (35720)blushing (103353)chest fluff (13110)clothes (233407)colt (5705)cuddling (5205)cute (88990)cutie mark (16376)daaaaaaaaaaaw (1193)dawwww (25)ear fluff (7539)eyes closed (40492)featured image (494)female (379960)floppy ears (25577)happy (14450)hnnng (1323)hug (15697)looking down (2597)male (116523)mare (153088)nuzzling (2376)ocbetes (1384)pegasus (90244)pony (378376)present (3172)prone (14161)scarf (12070)simple background (168292)smiling (106512).svg available (4892)transparent background (93021)unicorn (85640)vector (52577)


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